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Coach » Handbag » COACH F15204 SV BK

Coach - COACH F15204 SV / BK Puriteddo Soho Coach Bag Silver

This Coach Handbags Handbag comes complete with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee and a guarantee of authenticity.

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Brands continue to be loved by talented stylish women across the generations intelligent than [coach] COACH COACH longer in the official shop of the genuine thing that is sold in New coach outlet store featuring limited edition ☆ authorized outlets Here ♪ rare items are unobtainable, "Soho" One bag is in stock. The point of the front belt buckle. The compact purse essentials securely housed us
Silver / Black
Side length of about 25cm 20cm 8cm wide
Shoulder length: about 56cm ~ 59cm
Calf / Satin Poly
Type of opening: Furappukabamagunetto interior style: zip pocket 1, open pocket 1, 1 mobile pocket
External form: 1 open pocket
Approximately 700g

Availability: SOLD OUT

Retail Price: $348.00

Sale Price: $169.99

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